Food and eating should be simple and joyful!  And they would be if it wasn't for all the conflicting information, and industries profiting from the confusion (that they caused)! 


For too long we have conflated weight and health.  This has made some bodies "bad" and some bodies "good".  It has also made food and bodies all about the numbers. With less always being better. 

These unquestioned beliefs are so far from the truth and cause so much physical and mental harm.  It's no wonder we have become victim of fads and have lost faith in our precious body.  We are paralysed with overwhelm and seeking expertise outside of ourselves instead of paying attention to what our body is telling us.

This is where we come in.  We dispel the myths, pull back the curtain on the manipulations and misinformation.  We help people unlearn and relearn, build self compassion and choose health behaviour that aligns with their values.  Ultimately we help bring the joy and trust back to bodies, food and eating. 

We do this through our courses, workshops, webinars and skills challenges.  We are seasoned presenters for universities, schools, TV, corporates and podcasts.  You'll find us anywhere we can spread the Non Diet Way message!!!

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