You deserve to live in a peaceful relationship with food and your body and children should be protected from Diet Culture. We believe parents can be the fiercest protectors.


All bodies are worthy of respectful care, bodies are trustworthy.  We know behaviour change is difficult and change requires compassion, curiosity and safety. 


Weight and health are not the same thing and efforts to control body size often undermine physical and psychological health and wellbeing. 

We're non-diet dietitians who want to stop food and diet worries so you and your family can thrive.

From every angle, our families are under attack from a culture that promotes disordered eating. The sad fact is, often dietitians don't help. We work every day with wonderful clients who want to protect their families from dieting, poor body image and reduce the risk of eating disorders.

Our goal is to help you protect your kids, sort your own food and body stuff out, and live a life free of diet pain.

Live life the non-diet way.


We have been dietitians for more than 20 years. We have had varied careers, in public health, industry, childcare, aged care, education and private practice. We are both fuelled by the absolute passion for helping people feel at peace in their body and at peace with food.  

We are also both mums of 3, Meg has 3 boys and Susan has 3 girls.  We're the non-diet Brady Bunch, our work has made us super conscious of the messages about food and bodies that our children are exposed to.  We have intentionally created diet talk free homes.  We firmly believe that food and body safe homes can change our culture and the world.