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'Life's Too Short to Count Almonds'


We chat all things food, diet culture, body image, social media and help you make your home a safe haven for yourself and your kids.  Why the name? Well it stems from the first time we ever catered a non diet event together.  One of the retreat participants said "you've redeemed almonds for me" and then told us of the advice she'd received in previous diets to count her almonds.  One by one other participants shared the number of almonds they'd been "allowed to have".  Madness!!  Life is too short to count almonds! 




We're Meg & Susan.

Hey there!


We're non-diet dietitians who want to stop food and diet worries so you and your family can thrive.

From every angle, our families are under attack from a culture that promotes disordered eating. The sad fact is, often dietitians don't help. We work every day with wonderful clients who want to protect their families from dieting, poor body image and reduce the risk of eating disorders.

Our goal is to help you protect your kids, sort your own food and body stuff out, and live a life free of diet pain.

Live life the non-diet way.

"Susan and I are so passionate to stop food and body issues before they start. By the time people get to our consulting rooms, there's so much to unlearn, we want to them before they take hold and steal your kids joy and confidence"

Megan McClintock

"Meg and I can't do this on our own. Please join us in the fight against diet culture to make a safer culture for our kids to grow up in."

Susan Williams

Create a body safe haven...

Together, lets build minds, homes, families and communities that protect, nourish and thrive. 

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