S3 Ep22 That is not Tiramisu

Season #3

Is it rage bait or disordered eating?

Today we chat about social media....again! Yep, it's a constant source of topics, interest, joy and well, rage. The constant trend of people trying to make 'healthy' versions of classic food. This week it was a horrible looking concoction of rice cakes, yoghurt and cocoa to make 'Tiramisu'...no thanks! .

But what can we learn from it and other social media trends, and, as we are in the middle of running our Non-Diet program for parent's of teens how can we use content like that as part of teaching our kids to navigate social media well. 

Restaurant where Susan had her favourite thing of the week was The Rocklea Pub, menu looks delicious, and the accommodation was https://oakhillestateglasshouse.com.au/