S3 E21 : Carnivore is over but the harm continues

Season #3

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Ever since it first emerged in 2018 'The Carnivore Diet' was the most baffling fad diet trend we've ever encountered. There is literally no evidence that fewer plant based foods is beneficial for our health.

Proponents advocate for eating zero plant based foods but rather only eating meat, offal and low carbohydrate dairy (butter and cheese). They aim to have such low carbohydrate diets they they force their body into ketosis believing that this is optimal for human health. One of the 'leaders' of the movement who wrote a very popular, book released in 2020, has quit the carnivore diet less than 4 years later, declaring that ketosis is not healthy for humans (duh!). 

So much harm has been done to people who have tried this diet - physically, things like gallstones, high cholesterol, heart attacks and starvation syndrome and psychologically unnecessary stress and anxiety, and the triggering of eating disorders and yet the loudest proponents just move on, take no responsibility and start selling the next version. 

It's a good case study of the fad diet cycle and can be used as an example for teens of why it's not a good idea to make the way you eat part of your identity, to appreciate that these fad diets come and go and people can sounds super "sciency" and confident selling absolute nonsense.