S3 Ep20 : I can't eat in front of you

Season #3

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Today we dive into the troubling but seemingly growing phenomenon of teenage students not eating at school. There can be lots of reasons for this, they're not always disordered. These can range from genuinely feeling too busy to stop to eat, poor appetite due to medication or sensory and strong preference concerns (lukewarm yoghurt anyone?). In these cases we would be wise to get to the bottom and troubleshoot to ensure some nutrition is taken on but they may not be the 'red flag' emergency of an emerging eating disorder.

So we chat about some ways we can get to the bottom of it and some strategies that can be tried if parents or teachers are concerned that it is wrapped up in an eating disorder, or if they suspect there's a culture of not eating within a year group emerging. This could put teens at risk of developing an eating disorder and make recovery a lot harder for those already experiencing one.