S3 E17 : Why it matters who is talking about the non-diet approach.

Season #3

Today we chat about our day today when we headed to the University of Wollongong to run a 2 hour workshop on the non-diet approach and weight inclusive care.

We also address a couple of articles recently criticising or critiquing the non-diet movement despite clearly not understanding the approach at all. You can check out Fiona Sutherland's (The Mindful Dietitian) instagram post about the Australian article on her page and a great response to the Washington Post Article here. We're very tired and a bit incoherent but we hope you get something out of this chat!

We're taking a 2 week break over the school holidays and will be back week 1 of term 2 ready to jump in and launch Lifeguards : The non-diet way for parents of teens. Join the waitlist here to be the first to know.

Meg's favourite thing was the Gochuang chicken skewers from Gami Korean Fried Chicken.