S3 Ep 14 : Ultra Processed Foods and Meg goes to Costco

Season #3

Today we dig into the topic of Ultra Processed Foods or UPFs. There's been a lot of noise and chatter on social media and a lot of scary headlines on the back of a large review paper that was published in late February finding associations between UPFs and a wide range of physical and mental illnesses. 

So what defines a food as an UPF? To answer this Meg took a deep dive into the NOVA system that is widely used to classify foods into 4 categories from group one; unprocessed or minimally processed, group 2 ; processed culinary ingredients, group 3, processed foods and group 4 Ultra Processed Foods. 

We dig into what this review paper (and the studies it was reviewing) actually says and what that means for how we eat. 

We also chat about Meg's recent, first ever visit to Costco where you can get lots of UPFs...but also plenty of unprocessed foods too. 

This is the link to the Turkish Bread Pizza we mention, delish!

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