S3 Ep 12 : When 'Healthy Eating' leads to Poorer Health and Wellbeing

Season #3

Today we chat about a phenomenon that we have both seen in our practice. And that is when the drive for the "perfect diet for health" actually completely undermines health and wellbeing. Whether trying to get to the bottom of unpleasant symptoms, achieve a particular aesthetic or to 'be in the best health possible' when people head down a path of excluding foods for pretty much any reason, invariably we see a reduction in most measures of health and wellbeing including dietary quality and social connectedness.

We touch on values, how elite sports can be a risk for an over focus on nutrition at the expense of health and wellbeing (check out our episode with Sports Dietitian Alissa Edge for more on this) and of course the conflicting messages we get from social media. 

You might enjoy ABC's The Checkout Michelle Bridges skits ' Source of Confusion' Part one and Part Two that we mention.

Find Meg's favourite roasted carrot recipes here and here.

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