S3 Ep11 : A Ham Storm in a Teacup

Season #3

You may have seen on the news this week a lot of chatter about a 'ham ban' and a 'fairy bread ban' in Western Australian and South Australian schools.

We've done some digging to get to the bottom of the headlines, what the actual situation is, why changes have been made and what it means. (Spoiler alert - ham is not even banned!)

For more background of the 2016 classification of red/processed meats as carcinogenic check this article by Dr Tim Crowe of Thinking Nutrition.

We also touch on some unfortunate reporting and commentary (from our own profession gah!) that decided to bring in 'overweight and obesity' rates into the discussion about the supposed ban. We mention a podcast episode by our colleague Dr Fiona Willer, it is super helpful for anyone interested in learning more about weight classification / BMI and health risk, you can watch it here or listen here

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Susan's favourite thing this week was from this amazing restaurant and this recipe is pretty close to Grandma's Carrot and Feta Lasagne.