S3 Ep 6 : Life's too Short to Have a Terrible Relationship with Exercise with Nathasha Korbut

Season #3

*******Movement Mini Series********

Welcome to the final in our Movement Mini-series.  It's peak 'New Year New You' / New Year's Resolution Season and the diet culture vultures are out in force. So we thought it the perfect time to provide another perspective.

In this series we speak with 5 wonderful Australian Fitness Professionals to provide some support in navigating movement.

Today we chat with the incredible Natasha Korbut, founder of Diverse Personal Training.

We get practical today with Natasha giving us a bunch of fantastic tips for getting moving in a supporting, sustainable, enjoyable and healing way.

We chat about her background in prosthetics and policy and how that impacts her work as a PT, and her involvement in the 'This Girl Can' campaign to help inspire women of all walks of life to get moving.

Natasha does individual and group training online, you can find out her new 8 week group programs or check out her website for all the options. 

She also has a YouTube channel with a range of different workouts from a 3 minute dance break to 40 minutes high intensity workouts and everything in between.

Check out her brand new E-book "One Fit Size All, a beginners guide to joyful movement."

That is the last in our movement series, we hope you have enjoyed it. We will be back Thursday!