S3 Ep 5 Life's too Short to Have a Terrible Relationship with Exercise with Shreen El Masry

Season #3

*******Movement Mini Series********

Welcome to the fourth episode in our Movement Mini Series.

It's peak 'New Year New You' / New Year's Resolution Season and the diet culture vultures are out in force. So we thought it the perfect time to provide another perspective.

In this series we speak with 5 wonderful Australian Fitness Professionals to provide some support in navigating movement.

Today we speak with Shreen El Masry. Shreen is a body positive writer, personal trainer and intuitive eating counsellor dedicated to helping you find body peace, food freedom and a fun relationship with exercise. We chat about Shreen's transition from the music industry to the fitness industry. We talk about her recovery from an eating disorder which taught her to think completely differently about her body, exercise and drives her to help other people heal and live free from poor body image and disordered eating and exercise behaviours.

Shreen is the author of 'Be You Be Free' a 12 step Body Positivity plan, and provides online personal training that is eating disorder informed, body positive and helps people reconnect with their body and exercise in a safe and supportive way. Check out her website and instagram.