S3 Ep 3 : Life's Too Short to Have a Terrible Relationship with Exercise with Ellen Masson

Season #3

*******Movement Mini Series********

Welcome to our Movement Mini Series. It's peak 'New Year New You' / New Year's Resolution Season and the diet culture vultures are out in force. So we thought it the perfect time to provide another perspective.

In this series we speak with 5 wonderful Australian Fitness Professionals to provide some support in navigating movement.

Today it's Exercise Physiologist Ellen Masson, founder of Your Movement Space. Ellen is passionate about helping people build (or rebuild) a positive relationship with exercise. Ellen shares about their background that led them to find themself in the fitness industry, the harm that was done to them by that environment and how they were able to find support and healing which now drives them to 'be that person' for others. 

Ellen practices in person at Flourish in Kirribilli, online and has their own podcast 'Into the Red Zone'.