S3 Ep 2 : Life's Too Short To Have a Terrible Relationship With Exercise with Shelley Lask

Season #3

*******Movement Mini Series********

Welcome to the first episode in our Movement Mini Series. It's peak 'New Year New You' / New Year's Resolution Season and the diet culture vultures are out in force. So we thought it the perfect time to provide another perspective.

In this series we speak with 5 wonderful Australian Fitness Professionals to provide some support in navigating movement.

Today, it's Shelley Lask, Personal Trainer and founder of Body Positive Health and Fitness. We chat about her path to becoming a Personal Trainer, the challenges of an industry that so often reinforces the harmful and wrong messages that the sole purpose of exercise to change physical appearance to the detriment of clients and trainers alike.

Find out more about Shelley's online 'Daily Gentle Movement Break" group program here.