S3 Ep 1: Welcome to Season 3!

Season #3

We're back for 2024!

Thanks for joining us, we hope you have had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Apologies for the audio glitch at about the 30 minute mark, we get it sorted so please stick with it.

Today we chat about a bit about exercise particularly about the trickiness of The New Year period as diet culture get's it's tendrils in to advertising, conversation and choices. 

We also talk about the best food we've eaten since our last podcast. We have a little series in January where we talk to our favourite Australian non-diet, weight inclusive personal trainers and exercise physiologists so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss an episode.

This is the salad that was one of Meg's favourite things. 

And the Banh Mi place Susan was trying to remember was https://mylunchncafe.com.au in Osborne Park WA.