Episode 30 : Life's too Short to Not Keep Backyard Chickens with CJ Steedman

Season #2

Today's episode is a bit different. Mostly a good excuse for Meg to pick CJs brains about homesteading and chicken keeping.

We're not tackling a lot of diet culture issues but having a fun, light hearted chat about food, farming, homesteading and backyard chicken keeping with Farmer CJ Steedman.

We chat about different ways to attend to your own food values and priorities, decision making around animal welfare, animals as food and food producers, and some of the wonderful challenges and benefits of growing your own food.

This was a super fun episode to record and if you want to hear more from CJ or even take the leap to backyard chicken keeping check out CJ's Facebook page, instagram or have a listen to her podcast 'Not The Farmer's Wife'.