Episode 26 : Life's too short to waste time "selling" non-diet living on social media, with Nina Mills

Season #2

Total we talk to Non-Diet, fat positive dietitian Nina Mills. Nina is both a fantastic clinical dietitian but also founded 'Butter Digital' to help other non-diet, weight inclusive health professionals to build their website and online brand.

We chat a bit about her clinical work especially with client who experience Binge Eating Disorder and the things that commonly co-present with BED such as PCOS, anxiety, chronic dieting and weight cycling. WE also discuss how  sometimes people aren't ready for non-diet ideas and philosophies and how we can better spend our time to get the non-diet message out there to the people who want it and are ready to hear.

We also talk about the importance of having your website clearly aligned with your non-diet values and what Nina is doing to help more dietitians get their website up and running with a low cost DIY kit. Join the waiting list here.

Check out Nina's work on instagram or her Butter Digital website .