Episode 24 : Life's too Short to Sweat for Skinfolds with Alicia Edge

Season #2

We are so excited for this one. In this week's podcast we have special guest Alicia Edge. Alicia is an Advanced Sports Dietitian, Owner of Compeat Performance and The Compete Academy and all around amazing dietitian for athletes of all levels from weekend warrior to The Matlidas.

We've been fan's of Alicia's for years but her profile really took off when she posted a potentially controversial instagram post explaining how and why the no longer do regular body composition measure including weight. We chat about that, the problem with 'everybody knows' beliefs about body composition and performance and about Alicia's own transition from a prescriptive, weight and body composition focused sports dietitian to one with an eating disorder informed, behaviour focussed, whole person approach to sports performance and wellbeing.

You can find Alicia's instagram post here, her own podcast here and, for dietitians listening, you may be interested in The Compeat Academy.

And here is the recipe for Alicia's 'best thing I ate this week'. Vietnamese Caramelised Pork Bowls, YUM!!