Episode 22 : When you're feeling 'bleugh' in your body 😖

Season #2

We've had a number of conversations recently with people who are worried about their kids bodies. It happens at this time of year every year and we think we might know why. With school holidays often leading to inconsistent eating, more reliance on takeaway, drive through or convenience options and less movement we can feel 'bleugh', a bit sluggish, a bit lethargic, just not quite right.  At the same time the weather is warming up so we are seeing more of our body than we are used to.  Also this does seem to be a time of rapid growth for some of our kids who haven't finished growing yet.  Put all these ingredients together in a culture that fears weight gain, at the time that diet ads are ramping up and its a perfect storm.  Join us for a chat and some strategies for getting through this time.

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