Episode 15 : "I just want to eat normally but I don't know how."

Season #1

"Hi Meg and Susan,....I've dieted for so long I don't know what I like. I'm confused I just want to eat normally...."

This was a question we received from a listener and it's a good one and one we have certainly heard in the past. Dieting and diet culture has made food and eating so hard, we hope our chat helps make it a little easier.

It has become so hard to confidently navigate our food choices and eating behaviour because we live in a culture that breeds insecurity, doubt and and disempowers.  

This is the whole reason we have teamed up and developed our first online course! We want to help you build resilience, reclaim certainty and know how to stop diet culture from stealing your confidence in feeding yourself and your family. 

We're so excited to announce that after months of planning and development we are just about ready to launch our course and have opened the waitlist! 

It's a short course, 4 models over 4 weeks each with a range of video lessons, skills training and resources as well as a weekly live zoom Q&A session. 

Click here to learn more and join the waitlist to get 20% off the course price when doors open next week.