Ep:10 Choosing Joy, Connectedness, and Self-Care Over Weight Loss

Season #1

On this episode of Life's Too Short to Count Almonds, we answer a question from a listener this week about weight loss and diet culture.  We explore the harmful effects of diet culture and it's obsession with weight loss and delve into the concept of mindfulness as a tool to help break free from the pressures of diet culture.  

We know that triggers such as a change in seasons or fitting into old clothes can be very disruptive and make it difficult to break free from harmful beliefs fuelled by diet culture but the good news is that practicing skills and building strength over time can help to weather the storm of diet culture.

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[00:00:45] Cooked veggies and lamb: traditional and delicious.

[00:04:56] Catering recipes available on our website.

[00:07:53] "Success not measured by weight - relationships important."

[00:09:52] Lose weight without diet culture possible? Maybe.

[00:15:22] Mindfulness not for future goals, red flag.

[00:16:45] Body image and health choices complexities.

[00:22:18] Diverse sources will help resist pressure, impulses.

[00:24:19] Weight loss pursuit harms well-being, joy helps.