S3 Ep7 : Managing (surviving) holidays, food & routine...or lack of!

Season #3

Back to 'regular programming', we hope you enjoyed out Movement Mini Series, let us know if there is a different 'mini series' topic you'd like us to do. 

Today we have a bit of a rambling chat that reflects our headspace by this stage of the holidays. We have loved holidays but we are ready for a return to routine and to some alone time! 

We chat about some of the challenges that summer holidays can kick up, especially for parents of teens. This the podcast episode Susan was a guest on to talk about the worst board game ever "YiYo - energy in Energy out" which is unfortunately still available and advertised to teachers as "Literacy is supported with pictorial association, and colour coding and icons are used to indicate nutritional characteristics including fruit and vegetable serves, dietary fibre, added or ‘free’ sugar and energy load. Available in kilojoules only" and even sold in the Perth Children's Hospital's fundraising shop! Gah! 

We announce that we are working on 'a teen thing' - probably an intensive week of live webinars for parents of teens who are having concerns about eating, dieting, body image and want some practical help in how to help their kids through this challenging time. you can sign up here to stay up to day for when it launches. 

This was the burrata salad mentioned and the restaurant where she had the scallops and wants to eat steak (it wasn't Woodcut, ti was Black Bar & Grill) and this is the Spanish Restaurant that was Susan's fave. 

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